Executive Board



Sharika Hegde

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The president leads chapter initiatives, maintains relationships with the greater CMU and ASCE community, and runs boards meetings.



Vice President

Joe Iacobellis

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The vice president puts together activities and annual report. They also keep track of the chapter’s initiatives and assist the president in their duties.



Director of Communications

Ryan Rusali

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The director of communications is in charge of all the social media and outreach platforms for the organization. This includes email, posters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and, yes, this website!




Emma Farrell

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The secretary takes and distributes meeting minutes during board meetings, updates the ASCE calendar, and organizes the ASCE Google Drive.



Events Coordinator

Taylor True Brown

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The events coordinator helps plan ASCE events and in charge of community outreach initiatives.




Drishika Dugar

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The treasurer manages ASCE’s finances.


Class Representatives


Andrew                    Greta

Freshman Class: Andrew Thompson and Greta Markey

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Nika.jpg                    Valen.jpg

Sophomore Class: Nika Finkelsteyn and Valentina Ortiz de Zarate

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Junior Class: Bobby Galindo

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Class representatives serve as representatives for ASCE and the CEE Department to their respective classes. They will set up bonding events and update their class on ASCE and department news and events.



Faculty Advisor

Jim Thompson

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